Thursday, March 22, 2007

Emptying my desk drawer

Man is it weird, this leaving thing. I have to clean out my desk. What stays? What goes? And so many whys?

Why did I hoard so many post-it note pads and should I put them back in the supply room if some sheets have been used? (keep)

Why did I grab so many little band-aid kits from the some health fair? Did I think I would bleed to death from paper cuts? And if I really had needed a band-aid, would I have recognized these little packages? (pitch)

I have a lanyard (that's a necklace thing for attaching your ID badge) that says "Bringing People Together." No idea where I got it, and why does it say that? How does a lanyard bring people together? (pitch)

I have a metal scale that says "Fisher Guide." I always liked that thing because it felt like a valuable antique after that company went away. Plus I felt like a proud engineering geek for always having a measurement tool at the ready. (keep)

A pack of 5,000 standard staples. Stapling rarely happens anymore. (return)

Chopsticks from the cafeteria. Lots of them. Why did I keep all of these? For stir-fry emergencies? (toss)

Ring, watch, and buckle covers that are worn in assembly plants to keep from scratching the vehicles. Thinking hard about other possible uses for these in the world....(toss)

I piece of paper torn from a Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants notepad that says "I love you" in Timmy's early handwriting. (keep forever)

Tomorrow is my last day. I'm ready!

The ice on the lake is beginning to form holes where you can see the water through them. Soon they will connect until there are just a few floating ice-plates that will shrink until they are gone.

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