Monday, March 19, 2007

The end...the beginning

So in 4 days I will leave my job as an engineer at General Motors. It is something that people there generally don't do, because it's considered a good job and there aren't many of those to be had these days. Plus I have 25 days of vacation a year and a lot of holidays. But I have decided that this is what I must do. It has been difficult for people to understand. My mother wanted to know how I will survive. My director tried to convince me to stay. My co-workers are stunned. My family thinks it's a good thing.

So then what? Well, I am going to be a mother who is there when the kids get home from school. I am going to organize the house. I am going to exercise every day. I'm going to learn how to cook!! I'm going to write a best selling novel! I'll blog about it all! Well, we'll see but it's bound to be a new adventure for me. I just have to get through the next 4 days.

Mindy (Melinda for 4 more days)


Kyle said...

Congratulations! I know you'll love it! You're not crazy. After you organize your house, will you organize mine? Ha!!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Mindy,

You are my High Tech sister! Hey, wait, can Becky ready this thing?

Mary Beth said...

Should I ask you to baby sit using this thing or should I call you on the phone?

Mary Beth said...

Well, put mom's comment in the proper context of someone who doesn't think people survive making left hand turns. Cale and Ramona's performance was great last night. Be sure to have a birthday party for yourself so we can watch the video. For anyone who reads Mindy's blog notes, her birthday is March 30th. If you want to know how old she's going to be, just let me know.