Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting Going

I have big big plans to do so many things, I've even made some lists and schedules. But so far today...well, here's a picture. The lake is now without ice, and when the sun shines it's a sparkling blue that hasn't been seen for so long. Lovely.
The thing that is keeping me going, like fuel in a tank, is all of the support I've gotten from so many different people. I thought I'd share some with you:
From Michele, my neighbor:
"You’ll have so much more time to hang out and watch the cranes in the back!" (so right)
From the Glenmoor Gals, some invitations to join them in their daytime world of ginger cookies and iced tea, plus comparisons of my blog to our last book club selection "Julie and Julia" and a title suggestion for the book they think I should write: Mindy and MELINDA: What Staying at Home is Like after the Corporate World.
From my sisters: well, Mary Beth posted her comments and Becky said "I will not be reading your blog." (why not?)
Rachel wanted to be sure that I haven't been diagnosed with a terminal disease. (No, although life itself is a terminal condition, the only diagnosis I've gotten recently was of having 34.1% body fat which is outside of the "acceptable range" according to the lady with the pencil who circled it.)
And my favorite of all is from Darrin who said: "I never did buy into that whole "Melinda" thing... You were always Mindy.... That was just a mask you wore for work..... " And then he sent me a recipe to get started on my "Learn how to cook" objective. I don't know why he picked this particular one, maybe he supposed (correctly) that I didn't really pitch ALL of those hoarded chopsticks from the cafeteria. Anyways, I bought the ingredients and , buoyed from the success of the purple jello (it was hardly runny AT ALL) I will be attempting this tomorrow:
Gang Gai
Serves 4
3 chicken breasts – sliced thin
1 green pepper – sliced
8 oz fresh mushroom – sliced
5 oz can bamboo shoots – julienne
14 oz can coconut milk1 T green or red curry paste (I use green)
1 T Basil ¼ - ½ C brown sugar – depends on desired sweetness
Mix ½ can coconut milk, curry, basil and brown sugar in a large skillet and bring to a boil
Add chicken and cook until no longer pink
Add remaining coconut milk, mushrooms and bamboo shootsBring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer uncovered until sauce thickens (as desired)
Stir in green pepper and cook approx. 2 min (peppers should be firm)
Remove from heat and serve over rice immediately (Jasmine rice preferred)
I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh, and I changed the settings so you can post comments without signing up for anything. So feel free to pipe in, that's what makes this fun.


Heather said...

LOVE the photo. What a gorgeous first day of freedom for you!! I took advantage of the beautiful weather by walking outside with a co-worker during lunch. But it's not the same walking down Crooks Road as it is biking the Polly Ann or Kayaking in Powell Lake. Let me know how that "exercise every day" thing goes! :-) CHEERS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mindy-
I thought exotic was much more interesting than the mundane...Not much of a recipe for BBQ chicken on the grill... Or am I assuming too much?

Anonymous said...

I've got a great recipe for Buttermilk Biscuits (10 min to make and 20 min to bake approximately) that has nothing to do with peeling the wrapper and poking the side of the roll with a spoon... Soon you'll be on your way to Scones (another easy recipe)and Vanilla Almond Tea on the Deck with the "Gals"...

Rachel said...

I have a Salmon with a pecan honey glaze that is absolutely awesome! As a bonus the leftover glaze stuff can be put on ice cream later!! I hope you told that lady with the pencil what she could do with her pencil!