Friday, March 30, 2007

Growing Up

Here is a picture of the plants that I am starting indoors from seeds. I have been growing them under the light of the desk lamp that I used to have at work. I got it when I read somewhere that too much time under flashing florescent tubes would drive a person insane, and so the continuous beam from the incandescent bulb was to make up for the fact that the my spot in the maze of cubicles was never close enough to a window to allow any sunshine to get to me. Anyways, I think they are doing well. I know I should thin some of them out, but each one is such a little miracle I feel cruel beheading the weakest so the others can grow stronger.

So yesterday I went to chaperon the middle school beach party. I was disturbed by how unorganized it seemed. When I got arrived there were moms holding baked goodies roaming around not knowing where to put them. So I got the janitor to bring some tables and I helped set that up. I thought it would have been better to have tablecloths and napkins, but there didn't seem to be any so the moms made do but I couldn't stand it when they started pouring warm pop into cups with no ice. So I used my Leadership Skills to find my new friend the janitor and get let into the cafeteria where the ice machine is. Later, they ran out of cups so I found the teacher's kitchen where there were no cups but when I peeked into a paper bag I saw in the corner I found...beach themed tablecloths and napkins. Too late! Frustrated, I decided to see if I could locate my own son. I kept recognizing children that I have known since they were in Kindergarten. Except now they seem so shaggy-haired and slouchy. I found Timmy standing in line for the mechanical bull with his friends. He looked shaggy-haired and slouchy. He greeted me politely but his eyes pleaded: please don't embarrass me! So I schlepped off to find the janitor so he could clean the pop puddle on the floor.

Due to the timing of the party it worked out that Jeffrey would get home about six minutes before us. To prepare for this new situation beforehand I asked him: "What will you do when you are all by yourself in the house?" He thought and then he brightened into a smile and said "Eat the frosting from the can in the refrigerator!" So we had a talk about being responsible. When we did get home Jeffrey was munching on a granola bar while booting up the computer. He greeted us with: "Hi Mommy everything's fine I picked up the mail it's on the counter for you!"

Today is my birthday. I am going to go to lunch with my mother. It seems to be important to her to see my on my actual birthday even though we are celebrating as a family on Sunday. But it should be fun because she's bringing my niece and nephew. Then after the decorating I'm going scrapbooking and there's going to be a cake and "special beverages."

The unseasonable weather from early in the week didn't last. Now it's a more normal 50 degrees. But while it was so gloriously warm it seemed like it would stay that way, and now I wonder if I made the most of it while I had the chance.

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Alisa said...

Just in case you're all wondering, we got Mindy home safe and sound after all those yummy birthday grasshoppers! Again, Happy Birthday....