Friday, March 23, 2007

Last Day as Melinda

So I had my last day of work today, which mainly consisted of going out to lunch with some co worker pals. The nicest thing was that they gave me a little gift. It was a cute bag with box of fancy chocolates (consumed by the time I finished driving home, NET WT. 4 OZ ) a "good luck" card, and this most hilarious object, specially made just for me. It is a guide loop painted blue with green polka dots and made into a magnet. Here it is on our refrigerator. The magnets are rather strong, I'm interested to see if anything wrapped in foil travels to the front of the refrigerator.
Then I had to meet with my boss to hand over my computer, pager, ID badge and credit cards. While we were doing that he looked up to someone over my shoulder and said "I'll get with you later." I glanced back to see the person's face for just a split second, and let's just say it was the VERY LAST person I would want to be around for that moment. Yuck. Luckily the happy glow from lunch was still with me and the chocolates were waiting in the car.
So now I'm home and Jeffrey just asked me to make Jello. Purple. So I've gotta go I hear the water boiling.

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~Amy said...

Hey Mindy!
Fellow Glenmoor Gal Amy here !! Just letting you know that I'm reading everyday! Wishing you the best!