Friday, May 4, 2007

Fluid Dynamics

This morning I went on a bike ride, and after that spent an unreasonable amount of time fussing with the water pump on our little backyard pond. I wanted to make the fountain look like one I saw in an advertisement, and I dug out the alternate pieces that came with the kit (but not the directions, long lost) and fitted it on the tube. It succeeded in making the "bubble" shape I wanted but then the water stopped coming out of the froggy's mouth at the waterfall. I systematically testing each component in the series to find any plugs, but nothing. I carefully studied the fountain head that I took off, it has this little ball thing in it that when I pushed on it...broke. Then I realized, with more soggy experimentation, that the problem was one of pressure equalization, somehow controlled by that ball thing in the one fountain head but not the other. So I went inside and cut up a sponge from a wrong floor mop attachment, and shoved it inside the head, and voila! It worked! Exactly like I wanted it to look! Here's a picture:

Also, here is a picture I took on my bike ride. It is looking into the backyard of an auto parts place that I could see into coming over the bridge. I just thought it was cool. Reminded me of a junkyard. I always wanted to play in a junkyard as a kid, didn't you?

See ya later. I need to clean up, pond slime everywhere.

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