Saturday, May 19, 2007

Food Poisoning

Today is an exiting day known as "last date of possible expected frost" for this region. To gardeners this means it's ok to plant tender annuals and other items that say to wait until today on the seed packet.

The village south of ours holds a "Flower Festival" where they close the streets and sell flowers and other gardening themed things from booths. So the 4 of us went there but we needed to eat and I didn't want to make a meal for my children out of Kettle Corn so we stopped into the "Village Cafe" for lunch. My menu had a paper tucked in it that listed some lunch specials. When our waitress came she snatched that away from me and said it was not supposed to be in there today. But not before I noticed that it said Chicken Salad Sandwich on it so now I wanted one. I asked her if I could have that and she said she'd check if they have any left, usually they only serve that on weekdays. She came back, "Good news! There's some left!" (I need to mention the unrelated fact that this woman had a floral tattoo that went up the whole length of her leg, and she was wearing shorts)

The rest of the afternoon I was very sick. Larry, today's voice of hindsight wisdom, said it just might be a bad idea to order the thing on Saturday that they only sell Monday through Friday. Stupid stupid me. I didn't get to finish planting my flowers, maybe tomorrow.


Susang said...

I hope that tattoo comment wasn't a dig; your oldest friend in the world has two of them, you know. ;-)

Mindy said...

It wasn't a dig, but since it worked well to get you to comment I'll remember that for the future! YOUR tatoos are tasteful, the flowers up the leg was kind of startling. I'll still never get one though! (needles involved)

Susang said...

Mine are tasteful? Dammit, I'll have to try harder on the next one!