Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday I took my new bike out for it's first long bike ride. Huge difference! When I got back and was putting my stuff away in the garage, Kendrea (from across the street) walked by, distraught. Chester escaped during the night. Chester is her parent's fat and sassy 13 year old persian cat, who has been boarding at her house while his loving owners vacationed in Hawaii. Could I help to try to find him? Happy to get back on my New Bike, I headed out to hunt. I rode all around the subdivision, peering under trees where a cat might go. I hoped he wasn't headed for his own house, miles away. I told a dog-walker be on the lookout. The water-quality inspector was around again, he agreed to watch too.

It is exciting to be searching for something, but sometimes you are looking where it never was.

This is not the first missing pet in our lovely neighborhood. A couple of years ago there was a lost Iguana. Really. A teenage girl who is allergic to fur had it since it was young and would sit on her shoulder. Then it grew bigger. We're talking "at the zoo" sized iguana. It decided to slash though the screen and go out and see the world. My next door neighbor Michele had just moved in, unknowing. She called the police: "There's a dragon in my backyard!" I love his response: "Sorry ma'am, we don't come out for that." I kinda liked sitting on our deck scanning the trees for giant lizards with my binoculars that summer.

Well, Chester did come back last night, thank goodness! I'll go on another bike ride this morning, but without the noble purpose of yesterday. All is back in order in Glenmoor on the Lake, for another day.

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