Sunday, May 20, 2007

My, My, My

Something that happened recently reminded me of a conversation I'd had at work a long time ago about how we had been attaching ownership pronouns to things that weren't really ours. Such as my test fixture setup or my supplier. And then realizing it spread to people: my technician and my designers. I felt better about it when I was in the design room and one came up and said to another: "Stop asking questions from my engineer!"

The thing that happened recently involves what is itself a funny story about how a group of girls were at the dock and somehow managed to catch a fish with a makeshift pole they found laying there, and sent Patty (the mom in attendance) knocking on my door to help get it off of the hook before it died. I came rushing over with my hook-getting tools in hand but it was actually an easy release, just none of them wanted to touch the fish. Anyways, afterwards I found out that one of the girls, Chloe, who I have known since she was a baby, told her mom about the incident. Chloe has just started taking piano lessons at our house. (Larry does this a couple evenings a week) When her mom asked who it was that helped with the hook, she proudly said "My Piano Teacher's Wife!"

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