Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tiki Time!


Remember the garage sale purchase of the tiki bar? Well we have had great fun setting it up in our basement. Who knew that tiki was "in"? Target had all kinds of decorative objects with a tiki hut theme, and Party America has an entire aisle dedicated to all things tiki. It was hard to decide what to pick! And then Becky contributed from her collection. I found a bit of irony in the moment when Larry was upstairs on the phone discussing his nomination to Parish Council while his wife and children were in the basement gleefully assembling what could be described as a shrine to tackiness, pagan idols and alcohol. It came out so cool. It's hard to get the full impact from the picture because the details don't really come through. But I have BIG PLANS for lots of parties centered around this thing, starting with Jeffrey's birthday this weekend, combined with his twin cousins who were born 3 days after him. For invitations we made a totem pole with their 3 faces on it. More to come. Maybe I'll invite YOU.

I don't know exactly why I'm loving this tiki theme so much. It could have something to do with what I once thought was the most magical place on the planet, the tiki bird attraction at Disney World. All those birdies coming out, singing in their little birdy voices. A couple of years ago we finally took the boys there, and headed directly for the tiki room, after memorizing the song of it on CD in our car. To my horror they had replaced it with this obnoxious Gilbert Godfried rap routine where they were (gasp!) making fun of the original. I wanted to cry. But I recently learned that the one in California is still intact. phew.

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Anonymous said...


Alcohol is not going to be served at Jeffrey's birthday party! Just wanted to make that clear!

Larry (Jeff's Dad)

p.s. after the party is over, though, all bets are off!