Friday, June 1, 2007

Little Miracles Every Day

Yesterday was one of those evenings where timing and coordination are crucial: Jeffrey had a 5:30 baseball game and Tim had a band concert at 7:00. We figured it all out but I hereby salute any family that has more children than parents when it comes to these kinds of things. Anyways, I did get to watch Jeff's game for a bit, I am so very proud of the little slugger, he has come a long way in learning this game, and I have learned a lot too. Like I hardly ever yell out "watch out!" when a pop-up ball heads his way, and I can keep myself from using the terms honey and sweetie pie or commenting loudly about how darn cute they all look in those uniforms. Now I just holler "yay!" whenever someone throws, hits, or catches something. I tend to do this for the kids on both teams, which seems to confuse the other people in the bleachers.
So this week Jeff was selected to represent his team at the All Star Game. Probably because due to a change in the age cutoff he is one of the older kids in his division but I'm so happy that he gets a turn to shine since his first year in "coach pitch" he ended up the youngest, smallest member of a team with a super-intense winning-is-everything coach. There was crying at every game. Here's a picture of Jeff at bat.

(interesting side note: remember Matt from the schoolhouse field trip? Well here he is again, it appears that he didn't have time to go home and change, so he's wearing business clothes and a baseball cap)

Then it was on to the 6th grade band concert. This is just their second concert ever, and they too have come a long way. I just felt struck with a sense of total awe looking at these goofy gangly children all managing to play the right notes at the right times, and actual music coming out of it.

I know that these things aren't huge in the grand scheme of existence on this planet, but in the context of my teeny tiny life, they seem enourmous. Maybe because sometimes it just gets too hard to think about the big important things happening in the world, such as War, our Economy, and Lindsay Lohan.

Every day a child somewhere hoists up a bat or an instrument, and it's like a miracle, a chance to think about how life is in little ways wonderful and huge.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mindy, I've been on the road traveling for work these last couple of weeks (you know, one of those big, important, fancy pants, climbing the corporate ladder business trips) and I have just gotten caught up on your blog. This entry made me chuckle for a couple of reasons (get ready for another list, albeit only 2 items):
1. Missing out on big important things in the world like Lindsay Lohan - that was laugh out loud funny.
2. You having to refrain from saying "honey" at the baseball game made me smirk in remembrance of one of Liam's soccer games earlier this year when I gave him a kiss & hug during a water break. Kevin wants Liam to be super aggressive in sports and when he saw me kiss Liam, he declared soccer games a "no kissing zone" because it seemed to be interfering with Liam's intensity on the field. Can't have that, now can we?
~ Heather

Anonymous said...

Just to give you an idea of what your life might have looked like if you'd had one more...on Saturday we had a 9:30 soccer game, an 11:30 baseball game, a 2:00 game and a 4:30 game (needless to say, we burned even with sunscreen). Of course two weeks ago, they all had games at 11:30 at 3 different parks! I'll be looking forward to things slowing down...hopefully we can get a date to get together with you and the rest of the old parenting group!