Monday, June 11, 2007

The Magic of Generosity and the Disembodied Head

Friday was yet another field trip for the 3rd grade, this time back to the old-time village when it's fully open for touring. I had volunteered to drive of course, and Jeffrey told me that we would be taking his friend Aaron, since he gets to pick when his mom drives. I like Aaron, he's a nice boy that we know from scouting and baseball, should be a good time. When we get to the school we are also given Quinn for our car. I guess they distribute the kids that weren't picked into the extra spaces. That's ok, I've taken Quinn on other field trips, he's alright.

When it's time to leave I remind the boys to grab their sack lunches. The teacher had sent home a memo instructing the parents to pack a picnic lunch and to bring extra money for rides and the gift shop. Quinn holds up an envelope, telling me that his mom gave him money to buy a lunch instead. I felt a little put out since this would mean that we'd have to seek out a place to buy food instead of picnic-ing with the others, but whatever, let's go.

When we get there we go on a train ride and then I see the cafe on "main street" so we go in there to get Quinn's food. He gives the envelope marked "money for Quinn's midday munchie" and I find it contains two dollars. The lowest priced item on the menu board is a hot-dog for $2.25 so I add a dollar of my own and send Quinn into the line. He buys the hotdog, pockets the change and joins us to eat. After that we went around the village as I tried to get the boys to focus on the educational buildings and displays while Quinn keeps bringing up the rides area in the back. I was trying to avoid that because it costs extra. Somehow, we end up there in front of sign that says "Rides $1.25 each or 4 for $4.00." I say: "Quinn doesn't have enough for this let's go see the blacksmith" but Aaron says: "I've got ten bucks! I'll buy the tickets!" So Aaron and I each get a 4-pack. They all ride the carousel and then the venetian swings you do in pairs so Aaron and Quinn get on one and then I get Jeff to find another kid to treat to a swing ride so they all get a turn. After that they are eyeing the ferris wheel but there's only 1 ticket left and it's starting to rain so I drag them out of there and back towards main street to catch the magic show. I run into mom friend Sian and try to offer her that leftover ticket. "No we're avoiding that area since it costs extra" she says. grr. While I was distracted with that the boys had darted into the candy shop, and are now in line with giant jawbreakers in their hands that cost $1.50 each. I ask Quinn how he is going to pay for that and he says Aaron gave him the money.

Next we go into the theater for the magic show and Aaron looks down and finds a ride ticket on the floor. Cool! The show goes on with Baffling Bill the magician picking volunteers from the audience. For the grand finale trick he looks out and picks Aaron, who happens to be standing on his chair with his hand thrust high into the air Horseshack style, shouting ooh oooh pick me! The trick involves Aaron standing behind an X-ray machine and then a cloud of smoke comes and his head is changed into a skull that B-Bill takes out and shows the audience. Once Aaron's body parts are reattached Baffling Bill gives him a gift of a magic mouse and announces that it is also available in the gift shop for $3.00.

We had just enough time time left to take a ride on the ferris wheel, and I had to think about the saying that when you give you get even more back in return and that Aaron sure is a nice kid.

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Anonymous said...

Baffling Bill looks a little demonic in your pictures. I've seen him a lot and it sounds like he's expanded his show as I've never seen the disembodied head act which I hope is not related to his demonic new look.
Mary Beth