Monday, June 25, 2007


It's great to be together all the time, but today it seemed necessary to go create a list of things that are not allowed, and go over it with Jeffrey. I thought of it as prevention, Jeffrey considered it a challenge. So the list keeps getting longer. Here it is:

  • NO hitting, punching, kicking, or poking your brother.

  • No pretending or acting out doing any of the above things to your brother.

  • No throwing ANYTHING at your brother.

  • No spitting at your brother.

  • No pulling his hair.

  • No calling your brother names.

  • No making faces, sticking out your tongue or mouthing bad names at your brother.

  • No repeating annoying sounds or words loudly near your brother.

  • No rubbing balloons or styrofoam together in earshot of your brother.

  • No touching the volume control on his Ipod.

  • No pushing the shopping cart so that it rolls and smashes into your brother.

  • No cutting in front of your brother on your bike and then slowing down.

  • No pointing the hose, or any other water-containing or shooting object at your brother unless he has his bathing suit on.

  • No putting the cat on your brother while he's playing piano.

  • No talking about disgusting things while your brother is eating to spoil his appetite.

  • No hiding anything that belongs to your brother.

  • No tattling on your brother.

I have the feeling that I am not done with this list. Neither is Jeff.


Anonymous said...

Love it !!!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up and read most of your postings. Awesome. I think writing might be in your future (for money). Sounds like you're having alot more fun than you did in Automotive Engineering. Keep it up. I know you're enjoying this................
P.S. The AC worked when I was driving the car!

Aunt Kathy said...

You brought up memories for me. My sister Chris was a mean big sister, who told me spagetti noodles and bean sprouts were worms, and would pinch my skin in "Indian Burns." Car rides were the worst, in the back with her. But I was a sweet little thing who got through it!

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? Sweet litle girl Kathy??? Don't believe it. She did everything she could to try to make my childhood miserable. She is a born tattle-tale, and her daily chant was MAAAA --- Christine is picking on me!! She hung around me and my friends like a mosquito. And wore those stupid little dresses instead of shorts and tops and her underpants were always in view. Ugh. Aunt Chris

Aunt Kathy said...

Poor Chris, still jealous of me and spitting venom like a mean old snake! I should clarify that my childhood with her was sometimes wonderful, too, and she taught me so very much, including a lifelong love of books, and creative play of all kinds!

Anonymous said...

So-- trying to stifle your hostility and resentments from childhood of not being old enough to be included with the older kids, Kathy?? I wasn't the only one who who called you SLB (spoiled little brat). And what a sulky, awkward teenager who wanted to blame ME for getting fired from her first job at the library. And I used to do the favor of pointing out to you that you stopped working and were seen just staring and smiling at the shelves in your goony, daydreaming way. You would go home and tell Mom that I was trying to boss you at work. I bet Zenon doesn't even know that we once worked together. love to all from Aunt Chris

Aunt Kathy said...

It's better to be a mosquito, than a snake!

Anonymous said...

My heavens you two. Me and Mindy are starting to pale in comparison.
Mary Beth