Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too good to pass up

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was here, talking about her decision to leave her job to be able to spend more time taking care of her kids. Who better to talk to than me about that? Empathy! Support! Validation! When she drove away I felt so good about both her and my decisions. Then I walked over to my computer to check my email and there was one from someone at GM who I'd talked to about a job opportunity just before I left. Wanting to know when I'd be available and discussing the steps to take to see if it would work out. Dang!

I don't feel as if I'm very good at making major life-changing decisions. I am always very curious about how other people come about making them. A neighbor family that I like a lot just announced that they will be moving to Germany for a job transfer. After I get over my initial reaction to anything like this: No! Don't leave! Stay here with me! I had many questions. "It was too good an opportunity to pass up" was the justification. Hmm. Turns out there had previously been a position in Asia, that they did pass up. A bad opportunity? I think that what it really means when someone says that is: This is what I want. There are trade-offs, but I think they will balance out for the better. I get to make a choice about this right now, and don't know if something like this will come up in the future. I think if you can say those things convincingly to yourself, then you know what to do.

So Larry's cell phone broke yesterday, and he came home from the Verizon store announcing that since his contract was up we could get three new cell phones for free. Free? Since nothing is free, I went to the store myself to see what the real deal was. And I got talked to by the cell-phone guy about buy 1 get two free but there are rebates and accesssories, and start-up charges...and I could feel my head spinnning around like a blender. Could I have anything all written down? Well, no, but the thing he stressed is that this deal is only good for this month. What about next month? Well, there will be a deal of some sort but no one knows what it will be. This one is too good to pass up. Aha!

I am going to apply for that job, I'll let you know what happens. Right now I don't know enough about it to decide whether it could be too good of an opportunity to pass up.

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