Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Melinda there?

The phone rang.
"Is Melinda there?"
In my brain: No! She is gone! I put her in a box with a bunch of papers and desk stuff and now it's in the basement! Just Mindy now.
Out of my mouth: "Yes, this is Melinda"
He identified himself as a manager at GM and asked if this was a good time to talk. I looked at the boys who had just flicked on their game-boys for a Pokemon Battle. "Yes."
He is the hiring manager for the position I had posted for. We did kind of a phone interview and then he called back this week to set up an interview in person. So that's next week Wednesday. The job is in the internal education area. I still have to find out more about it but it would be a good way to use a lot of the skills and knowledge that I gained in my old job without having to go back to doing it again. And I'd be learning new skills. All good things, except for the part about having to go there every day!
I'm still unsure about this, I like my at home life so much right now, it is like a dream. But the fact remains that I am not getting paid. Of course we had figured out that we could do this financially and be ok in the short term, but I do worry about the long term. I think of myself as a person who is naturally very good at living "thrifty" but I have noticed a difference between buying my clothes at Target because I want to versus because I might have to.
So I'm going to follow this through and see where it takes me, I'll let you know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

oh do keep us posted...I would hate to see you go back to work. But if you DO go back, you have to keep up with your blog. I'd be so sad to see it go...