Monday, July 30, 2007

Something Sad

Alisa was telling me that she likes the blog but that maybe it is too consistently perky and optimistic. She advised that maybe I should write about something sad, to balance it out.

So here it is something sad:

It's a picture of the lake today. It is drying up. The dock is now sitting on mud, and I cannot get my canoe or kayak out to the water without trudging through thigh-deep muck which I am not willing to do. So they sit, beached, by the house, probably providing a habitat for some varmint who's all fat from eating up what's left of my garden. Meanwhile, the fish keep getting bigger, swimming around triumphantly in the middle part of the lake where I can't get to them.

I heard the weather guy say that this area is now classified as being in a state of drought, whatever criteria is for that, something about inches of rain below the average.

All I know is that it would take a LOT of rain to recover from this. Not just quick little showers but the kind of soaking, drenching, continuous rain that we haven't seen since, oh, the very day that I tried to have the outdoor luau TIKI BIRTHDAY PARTY! I am so mad at the weather.

Somebody do a rain dance.


Anonymous said...

But my favorite thing about you Mindy is that you are
"consistently perky and optimistic"...don't change too much!

MomForThree said...

Maybe Alisa needs to cheer up.

Mindy said...

Alisa is fine, I think I was using her suggestion to justify my little rant there. Variety is good, and we all have our moments of grouchiness. And I haven't even mentioned that my New Bike got knocked down in the garage by a kid and now the derailer arm is broken...whoops there I go again! Sorry!

Alisa said...

I LOVE Mindy's blog....did I say that? Guess I thought it would be comforting to know that other people have "bad" days sometimes and she would be perfect to get everyone through them. I like rants! Real World stuff, right?