Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rampant Consumerism

So there we were in Target to pick up a few last school supplies from Jeff's list, and a birthday present for my nephew Cale. Oh, and while we were there a few other things such as this shower cleaner spray that is scented like ylang ylang. The last time I bought a bottle of shower cleaner spray I had it in my hand and then put it back since I wasn't working and bought the cheaper stuff that smells like a cleaner but now since I'm going to work I can get the fancy kind.

Anyways, we made our way through the store with the boys doing their usual requesting of candy and unneeded items (unlike that shower spray which has a USE) and me saying NO and stop asking me for stuff! We got in line and as the checkout lady beeped each of our things I fished out a coupon from my wallet and handed it to her: "Can I use this?" She looked at it and read that it was for $5 off a $75 purchase. She then hit the total key and announced that we had only spent $28.54 how could that be all? Oh, but then I held up the bag with the video game we'd gotten for Cale, we paid for it at the electronics counter, "Can I count this?" The checkout lady, who was very cooperative, said she could ring it up as a return and then we could add it together. OK! I agreed as the line behind us started to build. But the game was $40 so we weren't quite up to the $75. And the coupon will expire before the next time I go to a Target.

"Boys! Buy some stuff!" I gazed around at what we could snatch up without getting out of line. Candy! Gum! Beef Jerky! Soap Opera Digest! Jeffrey hollered out a complaint in his little voice: "First you tell us NOT to buy anything and NOW!"

We ended up getting out of line and picking out some makeup that I knew I would need and was on sale. Then we got back in the line and she rang it up with the $5.00 off, and then handed me an extra receipt paper: FREE 6 to 8 pk Reese Crispy Crunchy snack.....I hesitated.....and then we just got out of there.


MomForThree said...

Whenever I do that I have to ask myself is it worth spending the $10 more to get the $5 off. Most of the time it is of course! Have a great last weekend before school, I mean work!

LMD said...

Isn't it funny how we will spend more to get money back??? I fall for that everytime I go to the store...especially clothing stores!!!