Monday, August 13, 2007

A wedding in New York

This past weekend we traveled to Rochester, NY for my niece Erica's wedding. Getting there from here is always kind of an aggravation, there always seems to be a delay of some kind. At least there aren't any complaints from the backseat about having to spend even more time eating junk food, playing game boys, and watching DVDs. And I like having some travel news to talk about with the in-laws. Over the years I have learned that when we go over there for family functions (about once a year) everyone will come up to me and ask about our journey. At first I used to think they were all civil engineering enthusiasts and commented to Larry about his family's fascination with road conditions. Then eventually I came to understand that there I am among people who don't know much of anything about me except that I came there from another state, so they ask me how the trip went. So now I pay attention to what route we took and any unusual happenings so I am prepared to converse!

The wedding was lovely. I have known Erica since she was a preschooler. I can remember meeting her for the first time when she was just a toddler, whooping and shrieking as she leaped across the furniture in front of her tired and overwhelmed parents. I liked it that she was (and still is) so spunky, and her groom is a sweetheart; he was at a reunion picnic once and happily spent the whole time entertaining the gaggle of little children, reminding me of my brother-in-law Hal.

I was looking forward to attending the wedding also because I have a dress that I like that I got last year for my cousin's cousin Andrea's wedding at the DYC. Since I didn't have to buy a new dress I justified new accessories and got a shimmery shawl and this very cute beaded purse. But I actually felt sort of overdone compared to the other guests at this one. While everyone looked very nice they just don't seem to put on the glam quite so much, so it was more towards sundress than sparkle for them. It's a little hard to pinpoint the right amount of glitz when attending weddings from different cultures and parts of the country. I was just talking to my mother who also attended a wedding this weekend on my father's extended side of the family, where there is no such thing as too much sparkle. They even hired a stylist to coordinate the theme which was "golden treasure." Sometimes I get invited to those and then I feel like I'm wearing one of Edith Bunker's housedresses to the Oscars, no matter how fancy I think I am going in.

So now it's all over and we made it back ok. And....I know you're going to ask! The trip was fine except there was a 2 1/2 hour delay at the bridge!

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LMD said...

I don't think you were overdressed at all...I think you looked absolutely gorgeous. =)