Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A beginning...the End?

I had my first day of work today. It went fine. But last night I didn't really feel like I wanted to go. You know how it is when you are facing some big change that is about to happen. It's like standing at the edge of a diving board, looking down. You know you don't really want to jump. Because everything is all nice and dry, the way you like it, and after this it will be different. Wet. And what if it isn't good, and you can't do it, and water goes up your nose and you are miserable, and what if you get hurt, or sink, or smack into something? What if this is the last moment of happiness you will ever have and then everything is wrecked and it's too late? Then you jump and it's here and your alarm goes off and it's happening and there are bubbles coming out of your nose and you're rising to the surface, and then you know it's going to be ok, you can handle it, make it all work out, swim to the side, even do it again, drive home.

So now that my first day is over I feel better about it, the people seem nice and there was cake. (Someone was leaving the department that day.) I got her desk, and a piece of the cake. And if you know me at all you know how I am about cake.

Maybe I should stop the blog now, end of story, but I think I'll keep it going. It is my artistic expression. I won't be writing about the specifics of my job or the people there. And I'll have less time for this. But I hope you keep on checking in with me, and we'll find out what happens next.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful description. Keep your head above water, kiddo. I'll miss your blogs as they won't be vey frequent and will probably keep re-reading the old ones. Have you thought of having them copied on a color printer, intact with photos, and taken to a place like Office Max that would make copies for gifts, with a bound hard cover?
love, Aunt Chris

Heather Leigh said...

Great analogy! I was thinking about you today. Glad it went OK. Keep on blogging on!

Laura said...

Mindy-- I love this entry, because it is exactly how I've been feeling this week! Every time there was ANOTHER big scary official person to meet/interview I was thinking "I WANTED to give up staying at home all day. I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Remember???" But I'd also have moments were I talked with other coworkers about things we were passionate about as journalists and I think "YES, this is WHY!" And then go to the ladies room, chew off a fingernail, shed a tear, pee, and start back with "Why did I do this again?" in another ten minutes!

MomForThree said...

I was waiting patiently (kind of) to find out how it went. I hope you continue the story. I think we want to know how you will balance and how this work will be different that the past. Good Luck!!! XOXO