Monday, September 10, 2007

New Melinda

I had to go to the ID Center to get my badge security changed so I can use the back door and that really good parking area. Only problem is, I hate that place. Ever since That One Time a couple of years ago when I was rushing around like a maniac like I always was and some security guard stopped me and threatened to confiscate my computer if I didn't go right to the ID center and get a number changed on my property pass. So I went right there even though I was in the mode of trying to do about eighteen tasks at once and simply couldn't get it all done no matter what and now this. So when I got there and they asked me for my paperwork I think I kind of went ballistic. Dagger eyes and maybe a few dagger words too. So I half expected to see my face on a WANTED poster on the wall when I got there.

This time I had an email that said all I needed to do was fill out an online form and then forward it to my boss and one other person and all would happen automatically. So I did that, and got a message back that said I still needed to go to the ID Center. So I printed the form and got them both to sign it, and then drove over to the dreaded center. (at least I get to go outside) And when I got there I told the security lady why I was there, and she swiped my card through her machine and then said; "You're already approved, you didn't need to come here!" I looked at her name plate, and saw that she was the person who had sent the message.

Then the most remarkable thing... "Oh well then! Thanks anyways!" I heard New Melinda saying. How very curious. New Melinda isn't a stressed out wreck and therefore can handle these things with grace. She has new shoes with little fish on them. I think I like her a lot! Let's hope she stays around.


Aunt Kathy said...

I recently went across the street from work to hunt down my last pay stub. There is a girl there with YOUR VOICE. I thought, gosh, she sounds just like Mindy. Cute young brunette with nice manners & a warm smile. Must be related somehow to the new Melinda!

Mindy said...

Maybe she is my unknown voice twin. And I was a cute young brunette once...