Thursday, September 27, 2007

Packing List for Chick Trip

Tomorrow evening I'm heading up north for a girl's scrapbooking weekend. Everyone shares responsibility for meals, and because of That One Time (Okay, those VERY FEW times) that I just happened to fill the cottage up with smoke in my attempts to make French Toast, I am in charge of "other." Here is what I have ready:

2 Rental Movies: "Evening" and "Music and Lyrics." Chick Flicks. There will also be the full series of SATC. We have been known to just put "Bridget Jones Diary" in and let it repeat in a continuous loop, but it's time for something new.

Ho-Ho's. Hostess brand, not the Little Debbie kind that I picked up once when I was in a rush, and will now forever be know as "Faux Ho's." Also Raspberry Milano Cookies, Gihardelli Mint Chocolates, and frozen turtle cookie dough.

Kettle flavor popcorn, Garlic Hommous, Salsa, and Chips.

Frozen Pizza Rolls


Margarita Mix

Oprah Magazine

Paper plates and napkins. I went with a red-and-white checkered theme. No one wants to do dishes.

Plus my clothes and gaint roller-luggage of scrapbooking supplies, ready to go.

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend. I hope you have a good one too!


We had a nice time, and I got a lot of pages done. I brought too much food (possible oxymoron?) and those two movies were BAD. I still don't understand why the nurse was wearing that white party dress. But it's always great to get away, and have fun being with the girls.


~Amy said...

Faux Ho's!!! I love it! Sounds like a great time. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mindy-- I didn't know you were a connosieur of junk food! Is it hereditary? love, Aunt Chris

Heather Leigh said...

I think I actually snorted when I read "Faux Ho's". Are the Little Debbie ones called Swiss cake rolls? Because I LOVE Swiss cake rolls! I guess I'm a faux ho lover, then.

And I think I gained 3 pounds just READING the list of "other items" that you took on your trip!!