Wednesday, October 10, 2007

High Maintenance

"Did anyone ever tell you you're high maintenance?"

That's what the man who sits across the aisle asked me today. The answer is NO, I have not been told that. The situation at the moment was there were 2 facilities men laying on the floor of my cubicle with flashlights and tools trying to rescue my lunchbag and purse who had somehow gotten themselves trapped inside my desk file drawer. They finally got it open by smashing into the thing with a giant bang and then wrenching it open. Before I called them I had asked Bob to to help to try to get the drawer open and we tried our own series of banging and jimmying and wrenching.

Earlier in the day I had decided that the screen on my laptop was too smeary and asked Bob if he had any cleaner for it, which he did but when we inspected it decided it might not be the right kind and I got the IT guy to give me a special little wipe, like a wet-nap. And I also noticed that my cubicle smelled weird and ended up going to Wal-Mart at lunchtime and buying some citrus scented cleaner, and showing it to Bob. And the day before I had managed to pinch a nerve in my back by sitting down too quickly. When I complained about it to Bob he showed me some stretches that might help and we stood in our cubicles practicing them.

Oh dear. I have become "high maintenance." When did that happen? It must stop.

Note to self: Try not to bother poor old Bob so much.


Heather Leigh said...

At least he didn't call you an HMB. :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Bob- I imagine him going home and complaining to his wife about you over supper. He sounds like a decent type to work with though-- I wasn't always so lucky.
If you want to know if you are high maintenance, Larry should be the one to decide. And bet it is a resounding YES!!!
By the way, I have had to call for help in an office for a file cabinet swollowing my purse the same way. And learned that the supervisor who liked my banana bread donations would gladly fix the desk light whenever it was faulty. Does Bob like banana bread?
I have been retired quite a while. What is an HMB? Aunt Chris

Susang said...

Screw Bob. Well, not literally. You'll never hear anyone calling men who are demanding "High Maintenance".

From what you wrote, the only thing I'd consider unusual for a normal working day would be the kidnapping and rescue of your personal belongings from the demon file cabinet. Everything else sounds like general office interaction.

Of course, we females are trained to think our requests are intrusive and trivial, while everyone else's are legitimate and necessary. Or is that we Catholics females? ;-)

Your perpetually feministe friend,

Laura said...

Tell your friend Susan it's a Lutheran thing. Pesky women......

Mindy said...

HMB = High Maintenance Babe, right?

Bob was kidding when he said that, he has been kind and helpful to me. I probably should bring him some banana bread.

But Susie's comment does make me question why HMB is only a female term. I'm not sure how we got trained to think that way. Could have been religion but also possibly T.V. shows or toys from our childhoods. (Let's blame Barbie for all our issues)

Great comments! Thanks!