Thursday, November 22, 2007

A White November

Seasons are out of whack this fall. Some trees still have leaves when they should be down already, and now it's snowing. Pretty, though.


Aunt Kathy said...

I love the scenery pics of the frozen lake. and where are those boys going with all those snowballs? I miss all you guys, but not the cold!

Anonymous said...

In a store like Sears, I saw a snowball maker device (almost like an ice cream scoop) and I can't tell from the photo if your kids have one already. But they could get a lot of snowballs ready for a fight without one.
Instead of winter scenes and snow, Aunt Kathy has Florida scenes. She was walking out to her car lately and was startled by an iguana. She couldn't remember the creature's name-- asking me on the phone "what are those little dragon things??" Maybe it was somebody's pet(?) At least it wasn't a feral pig. There was a small article in today's Free Press about them roaming about SE Michigan.
Careful out there- Aunt Chris