Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In His Shoes

I was thinking that Timmy was spending too much time on the computer the other day when I was trying to put the Easter banner on my blog. I asked him for help and he just blew me away with what he was able to do that I had been trying to figure out. It’s all very impressive but being a nervous mom I of course had to turn it around and start fussing about what else he should be doing with his time such as interacting with his peers and moving around a bit more. He has had an interest in athletics but when asked what activity he’d prefer he always picks hockey. He used to be on a roller hockey team but they closed that down and ice hockey is far away, expensive, and an enormous time commitment so I haven’t encouraged him in that, but felt a little conflicted about it.

Then yesterday Jeff and I came back from his swimming lessons to find the piano taken all apart because Larry spilled a glass of water into it while he was giving lessons to Sharon’s boys Dominic and Julian. Since the lessons were cancelled Sharon said she was going to head over to the store to get shoes for Dominic since he would be starting track tomorrow. What’s this? I turned to Tim and asked him if he had considered participating in track. He shrugged and said he’d like to but didn’t think we’d be able to get him home from practice. With Sharon still standing there we started working on a way to share the driving responsibilities. I told Timmy there’s always a way to figure these things out, he should at least ask. Next thing you know Tim is headed to the store with them and three $20 bills in his pocket to buy running shoes.

Since it was getting late I helped Jeffrey get ready for bed, I knew he was tired because he’d come downstairs in the night complaining that he’d had a bad dream, which is unusual for him. With Tim out of the house it was a good chance to give Jeffrey all my attention, and maybe figure out what might be bothering him enough to cause nightmares. We snuggled down into the cave of his lower bunk bed, and he told me about the dreams he sometimes has, such as being chased by animals. Is he watching too many of those nature shows on T.V? I ask Jeff to tell me about other dreams he sometimes has, it’s interesting to know what’s churning in that sweet little head of his. He tells me a couple more, probably edited to protect himself from possible TV program restrictions, and then comes up with this: “One time I dreamed I was TIM. But it wasn’t like I was him, it was me, but in his body, you know what I mean?” Yes, I do. We giggled at the silliness of that and then I kissed him goodnight.

Later on Tim came back from the shopping expedition, handing me just a couple of crumpled up dollars as change. Sharon said she was glad that Dominic still fits into junior sizes, they are much less expensive. I thanked Sharon as she left and then Tim showed me his new purchase. Size nine and a half! He told me they were on sale, the original price was much more!

After Tim went up to bed, happy from his shopping and excited about starting something new the next day, I picked up those garish shoe monsters and put them by his backpack. How could a child of mine have such big feet? Wait a minute…I glanced around, and then, just to see, slid my foot in.


kid_curry said...

Oddly enough, In Her Shoes was on tonight, so I watched and then here's your blog title. Crazy world. My mom and I wore the same shoe size when I was in Junior High. I wonder if any of the little feet in my house will catch up with me. Joe's shoes are a tiny bit too small. Maybe I can borrow Will's shoes someday. . . hopefully he won't want to borrow mine.

Anonymous said...

Not to "one-up" you, but Jonathon's in a size 11!!! His shoes are a little too big for me and I have huge feet for a woman! He's considering track now; don't know if we can handle it with baseball and everything his brothers are doing.

Hope to see you sometime soon!

Amy M.

Anonymous said...

I think good running shoes cost more than $60. You have that really good running store on Orion Road, I can't think of the name of it right now- maybe you should take him there.
Mary Beth

Mindy said...

If Tim keeps up with the track thing I'll consider getting better shoes, I still want to make sure he's not just doing this so he'll get a cell phone...I can justify that the best shoes still cost a lot less than hockey equipment

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mindy- If Tim's feet keep growing, maybe he could be a candidate for high school swim teams- no swim fins/flippers needed. Glad to hear that he is willing to give track a chance. It must be one of the cheapest despite those good running shoes. And probably has a low sports injury rate. Aunt Chris