Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Ahead

Daylight savings time came this weekend. I liked the idea of just picking one way and leaving it there all year long, because this time change is tough. Whoever makes these decisions must not have had children who never get to bed early enough as it is, or a pet that has a mealtime, or a job that requires you to wake up at 5:00am which means it's really 4:00am and that's just crazy. The whole time zone was filled with jet-lagged zombies today. At least that's what I felt like.

Missy has the right idea. Find a sunbeam and take a nap.


~Amy said...

I totally agree. Our family is exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Ramona was home with a fever yesterday, but found the energy to go shopping for her "Music/Dance/Disco" birthday party coming up. She looked at every little thing in the store. We got home from shopping during which I relied on the car clock and and my watch which I had neglected to spring ahead. After we got home we logged on to the computer to listen to some disco music when I noticed, WE LOST TRACK OF TIME AND I MISSED PICKING CALE UP FROM SCHOOL! After my heart started beating again I made it to the school in record time where I found Cale all by himself with his teacher calling home. I promptly went and bought him the new Super Mario Smash Brothers WII Game and continue to curse daylight savings time.
Mary Beth

Mindy said...

A mother's nightmare: the forgotten child! Hopefully Cale was alright with it.

I too did not think to reset my watch or car clock, and didn't notice until I was halfway into my commute home, and then had to question whether I had left work an hour early. I kept changing the radio stations hoping they'd say the time, and watching for bank signs that have the time and temp. (Not so many of those anymore)

MomForThree said...

Not only did we spring forward, one of my beauties had softball practice at 6:30AM on Sunday. Needless to say the team was not looking good that day.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Mary Beth; I did the same thing. I didn't realize that no one knew how to change the clocks on the phone display at work and stayed an extra hour, leaving not only my two but another little girl without a way home. They thought I was dead. Not that they were upset or anything. You would think they might appreciate me more for a couple of days, at least, but no.

Amy M.