Sunday, April 6, 2008

Little Blue Time Machine

We drove past a sign for a town called "Future" and Larry couldn't help making the joke about how we were time traveling. I thought about that, and it really was like our car was a time machine. We were driving from the present Michigan state of thawing-out winter, straight into full-bloom spring, and I was watching it progress right through the windshield.

We drove away from our half-frozen lake, past dirt-edged snow piles, and bare stick-trees and slowly began to see things change. It started with a rest-stop where there were crocuses popping up out of the dirt, to some daffodils blooming on a median, then some woods where the trees had that about-to-bud out look, and the grass was a shade of pale green. Driving through the mountains was a spectacular experience, and the foggy mist gave it an ethereal feeling. Next thing you know the grass had that kelly green color of spring bursting through, and here and there was a wild redbud tree in full flower. Then we started seeing Magnolias and the trees were truly leafy. Azeleas were screaming with color and there were wisteria vines climbing up evergreens with their purple flowers just dripping down. Beautiful.

Throughout all of this we watched the digital thermometer on my rear view mirror climb up from the 34 degrees when we left, cheering every time it went up a degree. By the time we were on the last leg of the drive to Myrtle Beach, it read 77 glorious degrees, the windows were down, the sunroof was open and we were singing into the sun!

The beach is gorgeous, the sky is blue, and there are PALM TREES here. I am happy. And when we get back to michigan, it will be a week closer to spring. Time travel. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

It's going to be 70 degrees in Michigan today! All my bulbs are starting to break throught the dirt.


Alisa said...

Spring is here! This week is gorgeous here in Michigan........60's and sunny! Baseball, yipee! We miss you and hope the beaches bring those fond vacation memories.

Anonymous said...

What a georgeous view!! And your mom was so grateful for the call yesterday, even though it sounded like Jeff was the only one who wanted to talk to her. So glad to hear that you are already having happy times on the trip. We are having Spring here- when you finally arrive back, it will be summer as Michigan Spring is usually 1 1/2 days. Enjoy--
Aunt Chris

Heather Leigh said...

It's been spring in NJ for a couple of weeks. Every week when I return to NJ on Mondays, something new is blooming, cherry blossoms, daffodils, forsythia....then every Thursday when I return to Michigan, NOTHING is blooming. Although our lake is now officially UNFROZEN! YAY!

Mindy said...

I'm happy that ya'll are having some nice weather too up there in the north. (I'm saying ya'll this week) It'll be nice to come back and get to see spring TWICE this year!

lgd0708 said...

It's not "ya'll"; it's "y'all". Pronouncing it the way you wrote it makes it sound like a Star Wars alien character.