Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not so sure about

We've had a great vacation. There are just a few things that I just don't get:

Hush Puppies. Little balls of dough, deep fried and served instead of bread at seafood restaurants. Yummy, I ate a whole basket of them, but it's like having donuts before a meal. I think I prefer the bread.

Hot Tub Etiquette. I'm just not sure what the proper thing to do is when you're sitting there in the steamy bubbly water and another adult walks in and sits there with you. I kind of nod or smile and acknowledge their presence, but then what? It's too loud to talk. So we sit there, boiling like soup, but it's weird, to me at least.

Other Michiganders Since the members of my traveling party are usually dressed in clothing that bears the symbols of the Tigers, Red Wings, or Spartans, it isn't difficult for people to guess where we're from. But I have trouble engaging in the conversation about what a Big Coincidence it is when we come across people also from our home state. Really, when you think about it, we are in a tourist area, in the middle of the week, during spring break, in a typical destination. I have taken to smiling and saying "What are the odds of that?"

Maid Timing It was wonderful to have Maribel the maid come in to clean our room, but since it was a condo-type with a kitchen we were in there a lot, and I was never quite sure when she was going to show up. We'd go to the pools or the beach expecting her to have been in and cleaned, and then if she hadn't been there yet we felt like we had to evacuate again. And there is a timing element to the getting of fresh towels, you want to get your showers in between cleanings otherwise you have to pick them up off of the floor, and it seems like a waste to me if those nicely folded clean towels don't get used each time.

NASCAR On the way down we drove on "Richard Petty Highway" and I asked Larry who that was, thinking maybe it was a famous explorer or historical figure. He hesitated to tell me it was a race car driver because he knew it would be followed by the incredulous look. There is NASCAR stuff all over the place, such as on the water towers.

Time Share Sales They lurk around every corner, offering discount tickets to restaurants and shows, and they make it seem like they are something else. Eventually we learned to ask right away: "Is this about a time share?" I just want to know why if these are so great do they need to trick people into hearing about it.

Y'all Every time someone says it, I just have to smile. There was one waitress that kept on calling us "you guys" but I could tell that she was faking, just for us.

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Heather Leigh said...

mmmmm I LOVE Hush Puppies!