Thursday, April 10, 2008


When an astronaut goes into outer space, and looks back on the planet they came from, they are stricken with how small it seems and yet contains everything they know. I think I saw that on TV or something.

Going on vacation kind of gives me that astronaut feeling, getting away from our lives and going somewhere else, and knowing that it's all still back there, without us in it.

Larry must have been having that astronaut feeling too, or else he was considering whether our insurance deductible is low enough given that his wife is blogging to the public about us being out of town thus giving notice to any thieves who might be interested in robbing us. (If YOU are a robber, let me tell you that these posts are time delayed, and we're already back and guarding our house, along with our large, vicious dog.)

We were sitting in our booth at the all-you-can-eat Seafood Buffet, and Larry started talking about what were our most expensive purchases. He pointed out that along with my car, our other most valuable possession was right here with us. And he looked across the booth at Timmy, who grinned big and wide, revealing his shiny new braces. I did a quick mental inventory of everything we owned, and couldn't come up with anything other than our house that cost us more than those little strips of barbed wire in our son's mouth. Maybe you are now thinking: "You guys have some cheap stuff" OR "Those are some expensive orthodontics." Correct on both counts.

Oh, and we have our family, priceless of course.

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kid_curry said...

Any boogieman out there just remember Gladys Kravitz has here eyes tuned on their house.