Sunday, June 1, 2008


This weekend was the premier of this movie:

For months I have had plans to go and see it on opening night with my girlfriends Betty (aka Carrie) Alisa (aka Charlotte) and Lynn (aka Samantha.)

In case you don't know, it is a movie based on the TV show that ran for years on HBO. The four of us saw it for the first time when we happened to catch a couple episodes scrapbooking at Lynn's cottage. Then the DVD sets came out and we watched entire seasons of episodes back-to-back as we cropped and pasted. It became sort of an obsession.

So to celebrate the movie premier, we got dressed up much more than usual, and went to a theater in the "city." Well, as close as we could get to it in this area. We followed that with a nice dinner and lots of gabbing.

We weren't the only ones with this plan, the entire theater was filled with groups of women all glammed up, and it was fun to be a part of that crowd.

My very favorite part of the evening was when we were walking down the street by the theater and some men who were standing there remarked as we walked by: "There are so many good lookin' women out here tonight!"

Even though the comment was meant in a collective sense, it was said while we were walking by, and so I'm going with it.

The movie was all that we could have expected, and as it celebrated the power of friendship, fashion, life after 40, and going
out on the town, so did we.


~Amy said...

What a perfectly fun day! I love your dress!!

aka Charlotte said...

Mindy (aka Miranda) turned those heads in those heels! We had fun!

Heather Leigh said...

Melinda to Mindy to Miranda. Love it! Haven't seen SATC (the movie) yet, but I'm hoping to sneak it in on Wednesday night after drinks with my girlfriends (if not sooner!) xoxo