Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something about a cup

I got to bed nice and early last night. Not true for many people in this town, it appears.

This morning I asked Larry if the Red Wings won the game last night.

"Yes they did!" he told me.

"Good then that's over now. Is the coffee ready?" I said, and he laughed at that.

Apparently this Hockey thing is important to some people, so I might as well at this time join in. Yay Red Wings!


Kerry said...

Cute shoes!!

Nancy USA said...

You silly girl! I can't believe you don't enjoy hockey in Detroit!

We watched all of it... at least it's earlier here in California, which really paid off for the long triple overtime game 3 nights ago!

Last night I was IM'ing with Troy neighbors, and a GM buddy who has a condo right in downtown Royal Oak called me on his cell phone to let me hear all the noise!

Rick has always loved hockey, so this is fun for us!

Wish we could have been in town for this!

Anonymous said...

Mindy- do you wear those shoes? They look like the kind that make flip flop sounds, and don't support your feet and ankles so that it is easy to get hurt with them on. You and MaryBeth had a similar looking pair for dress-up games as toddlers, that were included with some type of costume, until your mom read that those type shoes were considered dangerous for kids. Just looking out for you- Your sensible shoes Auntie.