Monday, July 14, 2008

A Chick Flick Trick

Sunday night, after we had company over, we were relaxing for a moment in front of the TV and somehow the remote ended up in my hands. I scanned around looking for something other than the usual cartoons and came across one of my all-time favorite movies, just starting.

If you've never seen Meet Me in St Louis, I highly recommend that you do so. It's got everything. Everything that I like in a movie, anyways. We caught it at the beginning when the family is looking at a pot of home made ketchup. The boys were sensing that this might not be their kind of movie, and started to make comments.

"Is that BLOOD? Jeffrey sneered."

"Yes, it is. This is a vampire movie. Those people are all vampires. Just watch what happens."

I must have said it serious enough, or else the Victorian costumes made them think it, or else maybe they would do just about anything to get out of going to bed, because they acted like they believed it a little. Enough to get to the Halloween scene, and then Ester does bite John Truitt on the hand after that, and by then they were hooked on the plot. We all got to enjoy a great film and they got to stay up until 10:00.

The next movie I see I plan to not have to trick anyone into watching, because I'm going with the girlfriends. Let me know if you want to come.


Aunt Kathy said...

That's one of my all time favorite movies too! My favorite scene is when Grandpa is replaced while dancing the waltz.

LYNN said...

Never saw it!

Of course I want to do Mama Mia, but will be enjoying my vacation when you see it this weekend. I'll catch it on the flip side with my kids as they are eager to see it themselves...not something I have to talk my family into seeing fortunately! Have a good time....Are you wearing a spandex jumpsuit to the event?