Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Above the cloud

I came in from walking around in the parking lot at lunchtime, complaining about having to be indoors working on a beautiful sunny day. Bob made a lovely speech from across the cubicle aisle, about an eagle soaring above the storm clouds, something about having a positive attitude. I said I was complaining about the sunshine, not a storm cloud, and we both tried not to roll our eyes, me thinking he is so corny and him thinking that I just don't get it.

On my way home from work, after picking up the kids from Grandma's, I had to stop to pick up my new glasses (yeah, I'm still dealing with vision issues.) Some dark clouds were starting to gather, so we quickly shut the windows and sunroof. When we came back out, the sunroof was open a few inches, and it was stuck that way. We were only about 2 miles from home at that point, but what do you think happened during the few minutes it took to get us there?

You got it, torrential downpour. Luckily, we had a beach towel in the car, and we were able to stuff and hold it up there, laughing our heads off at the absurdity.

When I told my friend JJS at work about this, he promptly figured out what the problem was (a fuse) looked up the part number for it, and eventually ended up working his connections in GM to procure a sample part. He even installed it for me. I felt happy to have a friend that is willing to go so far to help me out like that (and knows so many key people in the company!)

For inconvenience of a blown fuse and an untimely rainstorm, I got a fun moment with my kids and to appreciate a favor from a good friend. Not bad. It actually made me feel good, kind of like... an eagle soaring...

When I came to work in the morning Bob was excited to show me that he found a clipart picture of an eagle flying above a cloud. He had added a version of his little speech and printed it out.

I helped him tape it up to the cubicle wall.

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Heather Leigh said...

WOW! For a minute there, I thought you snapped that pic of the eagle with your nifty new camera!