Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cheeseburger Hats

It was a beautiful day and I wanted to get away from the sound of power lawn maintenance, get the boys out of the house, and go somewhere we'd never been before.

Since I've lived my whole life in this state that doesn't leave a lot of places, but we decided to go up along the east side of Michigan's thumb, to a town called Caseville that was having a "Cheeseburger Festival." I threw a bunch of beach stuff and the boys into the little blue VUE and we headed north on M-24 as far as it goes. We got there in less than 2 hours, and then the traffic stopped. There were people walking around and Jeff saw someone wearing a hat shaped like a cheeseburger. "Look! A cheeseburger hat! Can I get one?"

"Sure." I answered impulsively.

We found a place to park by a marina, and walked through the town and then out onto a breakwall that had a walkway on it. We got a great view of the Saginaw Bay, saw lots of boats going by, and could look over at the very crowded beach. Then we walked back to the town, and Jeffrey wanted to look for that hat. I was a little bit worried about how much it would cost, because I had committed without knowing. We went into a junky little gift store and there they were, marked down from $7.99 to $6.99. Phew! I can afford that. If this was Disney World we'd be looking at $28 I thought. Tim picked out a hat too, a pirate parrot. I think this all has something to do with Jimmy Buffet, loosely.

We walked along some more and bought huge cheeseburgers from one of the outside stands. Everyone who saw us remarked about the hats. I heard a kid say: "Look mom! A cheeseburger hat! I want one!" She dismissed him with: "You want everything you see." It feels good to occasionally indulge your kids in something like this, and for me this $14 was well spent right then.

We never made it to the beach, we couldn't get near enough to park there, and the boys wanted to go home after a couple of hours. I asked them if all that driving was worth it just to get those hats. Without hesitation, they answered that yes, it totally was.

Yeah, I'm the cool mom, for today.


Nancy USA said...

Awesome hats! You did good Mom!
It does sound like it might have been a "ParrotHead" "Cheeseburger in Paradise" a/k/a Jimmy Buffet theme!
Caseville is cool and so easy to get to!
No "Woodward Dream Cruise" for you guys? That was one of my favorites, and one of the few Detroit events I miss.

Alisa said...

You did find time to go! You are a cool mom............

Mindy said...

We did consider going to the dream cruise, which I adore the concept of, but not the actual sitting on a curb breathing exhaust fumes part. So our compromise is to go anywhere that day where we are on the roads, because we will inevitably pass by some old or interesting vehicles either on their way there or back, and whoever sees it first shouts out "DREAMCRUISE!" Still fun but without the traffic jam.