Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day in Detroit

It has become a tradition for my sister Becky to take the boys for a day every summer and explore "The D." The thing about Becky is that she knows all kinds of people, and the experience is always a lot more "behind the scenes" than a typical person can get to. They always bring along this klunky old Polaroid camera and take pictures of the things they see. In the past they have met Tyree Guyton, toured the Ren Cen, went inside the rooms in the basement of the Historical Museum, and looked down from atop the Opera House roof. To tell you about this year's adventures I have invited guest blogger Timmy to describe what they did:

Let's see... First off, we were going to ride bikes later in day, so we had to put the bikes on the bike rack. It seriously took like 45 minutes to put two of the bikes on the bike rack.. Fun..

Then Aunt Becky had to drop something off at the Hamtramck City hall. So she dropped it off, and it happens my aunt is friends with the mayor of Hamtramck. And, coincidentally, on the way out, we ran into the mayor! So we got a pic.

Then we had to go to CVS pharmacy to buy some film for the old Polaroid camera. And the bike rack was getting old, and we had a really heavy bike on it, so it was starting to break, so we stopped back at her house to drop off the bike. By then it as already 10:30 AM. So we headed down to downtown Detroit, and we parked in the parking garage next to the Hockeytown Cafe.

Now, we had a little time before lunch, so we walked across the street, to Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers! When we were there, we stopped in the store, and we bought a pack of Baseball cards, one for each of us. Then we walked over to the side of the stadium, where we could see the whole field really good. We saw some groundcrew members keeping the pitchers mound nice and good for the pitcher. Then it was about time for lunch, or about 11:00, and we knew it might take them a while to make the food. So, when we walked in, there was a little gift stand in the restaurant, and my aunt knew the guy who worked at it. And he was also the guy who plays the organ at the Fox Theater! And after our lunch, he offered to give us a tour of the FOX Theater. He played the organ for us, and a tour group who was having their lunch at the time. He gave us a tour of most of the theatre, and we saw the green room. It wasn't actually green though, they just call it that for some reason. It was actually a room with signatures from all the famous people who came into the fox theatre. We even got some pics of the signatures of Bill Clinton and Al Gore on one, and Bill Gates on the other one.

We said thanks and left, then we were going to go on the bike ride.

Now we rented the bikes, we started to ride the river walk. It was fun, here are some pics-

After that, it was about time to go back, so, we headed back to mom's work.



Anonymous said...

HI, Tim- Good blog. Thanks for cooperating with it. And glad that you enjoyed your day in Kwame town and Ham town. love, Aunt Chris

Heather Leigh said...

Do you think Aunt Becky would give me a backstage tour of the D since I go there just about every day?!? How cool!