Monday, September 8, 2008

So Scrappy

This past weekend I went on a scrapbooking retreat. This is something that I have been doing a couple of times of year, but to anyone who's unfamiliar with the hobby of scrapbooking, it can seem like an unusual way to spend two and a half days.

So for the uninitiated, here is a picture of what it looks like in the scrapbooking room:

The scene doesn't change much except for sleeping and eating, and the occasional walk outside.

This time we were in a facility that was a former Victorian-era church that was renovated and is now exclusively used for just this purpose. It's called Creative Passions and we had a wonderful time just scrapping and chatting. Often times these events are referred to as a "Crop" because that's what we do to the pictures. (Cut them smaller)

Our leaders, Lynn and Jenny, had suggested that we bring CD's of any music that we might like to hear. I brought my new Toby Keith Biggest Hits CD. The reason that I have this is that I am studying his music before attending his concert next weekend. I have never paid attention to Country Music, and when Alisa invited me to go to the concert to celebrate her birthday, I had to look look him up on the Internet to find out what kind of music it was. Turns out he's been around long enough to have a double-disc biggest hits CD.

Most of the other scrappers in attendance were fans of this music, some even sang along. I thought that the songs all had similar themes, and they sounded a lot alike too. Maybe that's the idea.

I joked that I could write a country song, they are so simple. How about scrapbooking? Here is the result of that effort, to the tune of Lynn's favorite Toby Keith Song, "I love this Bar."

We got scissors, we got papers

Die cuts and letter-makers

We got diff'rent colored pages

White, black and three beiges

And you don't have ta leave the room to shop

Hmm Hmm Hmm I love this Crop

We got markers, we got special pens

We got rubber stamps and fancy ink pads

And there's thousands of stickers

A bowl of chocolate with snickers

Hmm Hmm Hmm I love this Crop

I love this Crop

It's my kind of place

Just walkin through the front door

puts a smile on my face

I'm wearin a cute top, suckin on a cough drop

Hmm Hmm Hmm I love this Crop

I've seen small albums, some with simple looks

Christmas themes and digital storybooks

And we got big rolling bags

Organizers so stuffed they sag

And I've even seen someone making Dinner

with the personal trimmer

Oh yeah we like to use our tools to chop

Hmm Hmm Hmm I love this Crop

Yes I do

Scrappin' tool hairdo on Lynn


Cora said...

Show us some of your scrapbooking projects!

LYNN said...

Songs awesome, need to learn the new lyrics so I can sing along while Toby plays this Sunday at Pine Knob (DTE for all you youngsters)!

Rebecca said...

you are soooo funny, I enjoyed your blog.
thanks for the laugh before going to bed!!! nite

~Amy said...

"three beiges" I love it...:)