Friday, September 12, 2008

Telecommuting with Integrity

I've mentioned before that I have been working from home 1 day a week. Because I see this as a privilege that I need to work to keep, I always make sure that I put in my time, and then some, on my telecommute days, to demonstrate that it can be done successfully.

This week Tim and Jeff both decided that they would like to be picked up from school, instead of taking the bus, on the day that I was home. I didn't want to do that. I explained that my boss expected me to be working the whole day, and that I couldn't take the time away to do that.

Always ready to argue (these boys must have inherited this from their Grandad) Tim said:

"But you're allowed time to go to the bathroom!"

"Driving to your school and back takes longer than that." I countered.

"I know! Just tell them you were CONSTIPATED!"

My kids continue to impress me with their creativity, but Tim did NOT get a ride home from school and I did not have a discussion with my boss about bodily functions.