Friday, September 26, 2008

That's better

On Wednesday I went back to work. Although the pain was gone, I was still feeling a little off. By Thursday I was back to normal, which is when I got perspective on how truly awful I was feeling before that. A good time to feel grateful that I get to feel fine most days of my life, because not everyone gets that, although I wish they did. Maybe I just needed a sock in the jaw to remind me about it again.

It has been beautiful weather this week. Which makes it hard to sit for long at my windowless desk. So I got up and did this little walk I like to do, where I swipe my card and go out one door of the building, walk around the corner by a parking lot, and come back in another door and back to my desk. It isn't much, but I get to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair, for a moment at least, and I think it helps to get through the day.

When I got back to my desk I clicked on my computer to undo the screen saver, and swiveled around in my chair to gaze at Bob's empty cube. As I wondered where he might have gotten off to, I noticed out of the corner of my eye something moving on my leg.

I looked closer and focused in on a giant, spiky WASP wiggling and creeping up my leg. I instinctively let out a loud, unprofessional shriek, and leaped out of my chair batting madly at the thing like a crazy lady. I ended up in the cubicle aisleway staring the thing down as it writhed on the ground. A guy who happened to be nearby came over to see what was happening. I pointed out the monstrous beast, which was kind of blending into the pattern of the industrial carpet.

In one swift motion he stomped the thing dead with his foot, squished it up in a Kleenex, and tossed it into my plastic garbage can.

If only every crisis could be so easily solved.


Aunt Kathy said...

Wasps. Here's a memory that word provokes! Before a hurricane a few years ago, husband Zenon was going around the house closing shutters. He disturded a nest of wasps, who went after him! I looked out the sliding glass door and saw him running, arms extended in front of him and a cloud following behind him! It struck me as funny and I laughed and laughed!

Anonymous said...

HI, Mindy- So glad that your blog is letting me get to know our relatives better. Take Aunt Kathy's choice of witchy laughter as described above. Poor Uncle Zenon must have jumped into the canal water to get away from that swarm. Guess that he was OK. Never heard of stories about what happened after the running.
Aunt Chris