Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Witch Lessons

Have you ever had the sudden feeling that you have been wisked out of your normal existence and magically transformed into the main character of a Scholastic Book Club Early Reader Chapter Book?

Me neither, until this past Sunday. I wish that I had my camera with me to prove to you that the following is 100% true, but you will just have to take my word for it.

Chapter 1

Mindy was riding her bike along the narrow dirt road. It was a beautiful early fall day, and the sun sparkled though the leaves of the trees in the thick woods that were starting to show a hint of the fall colors yet to come.

Mindy loved riding on this road, it was usually deserted except for the small animals that scampered across, and the occasional deer. This time she saw four large wild turkeys. Such silly looking birds!

The few houses here were set back and isolated. There was a small live-in school on the property of an old mansion, a dog kennel and two monasteries, as well as an old cemetery that is said to be haunted. Mindy liked the feeling of spooky possibilities whenever she took this route.

She was riding along just before the hilly part when something moving in the thick brush along the sloping side of the road caught her eye. It was a little girl with frizzy hair, about eight years old. She was in the trees holding a piece of cardboard with something written on it.

Curious, Mindy stopped her bike and asked the little girl what she was doing.

"Oh, I'm just trying to hang up this sign, but it just won't stay up." She said in a squeaky high-pitched voice.

The sign said "Witch Lessons."

"Who do you give witch lessons to?" Mindy asked the girl.

"Oh, well, children...or adults, whoever wants them." She replied.

Mindy considered this, then wished the girl luck with that, and rode along on her way.


Anonymous said...

Take Larry on the bike ride next time. He needs to meet this little girl and take her to church.
Mary Beth

kid_curry said...

I've taken those witch lessons. Don't bother, she's a crock.

Aunt Kathy said...

You're supposed to ask "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Anonymous said...

I think that you made the whole thing up. The tip-off is that the kid would say that she gives witch lessons to kids or grown-ups, whoever wants them. Aunt Chris
ps- And what is with the word identification before posting a reply on this blog? It looks like one of the witch lessons.

Mindy said...

I didn't make it up, but I did go from memory on the exact words of the conversation. She could have said "grown ups." I'll try to get back out that way this weekend and look for the sign.