Friday, October 17, 2008

Pretty Pink Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh, no!!! I just got an e-mail with photos of cats and dogs in costumes- the topic was "Why pets bite their owners". I thought that I sent it to you. Copy being sent. Aunt Chris

Anonymous said...


Maybe Missy won't be able to bolt out the door so fast with the costume on and be easier to find and catch!
Mary Beth

Rebecca Binno Savage said...

Mindy -
Did you get the Halloween Card that Missy sent you this year?

She found a card regarding costumes for cats!


Mindy said...

Yes, Missy sent us a card, her handwriting looks a lot like yours. It says;

A Halloween Message from the Cat

Don't even think about dressing me up for Halloween...

Or I'll leave a little "something" in you treat sack.