Friday, November 21, 2008

Go back to High School

I recently took the kids to see the movie High School Musical 3, and I just finished reading the first two books of the "Twilight" series, both set in High School. So I've been thinking about that lately, and now tonight is my 25 year Reunion.

My high school experience was pretty typical, and I honestly don't remember much about it, with the exception of the group of friends that I spent all kinds of time with the summer after our senior year. They were just a bunch of really great kids and we had so much fun together. Here is a picture that I found, don't we look like we could just jump up onto those painted cars and burst into song:

We kept gathering even a couple years after graduating, but eventually I lost touch with all but a couple of my closest friends, and even that turned into some years where Christmas cards were our only contact. Some I know I will never see again, and other pop up once in a while. There was a 20 year reunion that I didn't go to, but when we found out that some of our old friends were there Renee (my HS BFF, center in blue) and I made a pact that if there was ever another one we would attend. So here we go, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

One of the guys from the gang also works at GM, and he instant-messaged me about plans for the reunion. Then he had to go and google our senior class president. Turns out she is a lawyer. (I never did finish getting my master's degree) with a high-profile job for the US Attorney General (my company just asked the government for some money) She is president of the local Bar Association (I wish I'd gotten that patent now) and has co-authored several books (I have a blog...)and is the mother of FIVE children (I only have two!) and from the picture she's still thin....ARRGH!

I forgot about the part of reunions where everyone wants to see what became of you, to find out if you lived up to your potential. At least I think they do that. I can't change the major events of my life at this point, and losing those 40 extra pounds is likely out of the question for this evening (how do body wraps work?) and my tanning experience quickly ended with an itchy rash.

I decided that the only action I could take was to do something about my hair. So I went to Sabrina's, the nicer salon here in town, and told the hairdresser that I had my reunion coming up and to make me look gorgeous. She cut it, and put these crazy foil things in, and sat me under some kind of steamer hood, for what I think might have been a little too long while she dealt with another client. When she finally spun me around and leaned over next to me as I observed us together in the mirror, I realized that she had styled my hair to look exactly like...hers! When she asked what I thought I said the one and only thing I could "It's gorgeous!" But that same night I went to a demonstration party and the women there started a conversation about letting your hair go salt-and-pepper gray. My "highlights" came out a little too light, I fear.

And then there are the clothes to obsess about, I bought this dress, and some sparkly jewelry to go with it, but then worried that it's too glitzy and I'll look like I'm trying too hard, even if I am.

By now you are saying to yourself "Oh good grief Mindy just stop it!" and I agree. Because when I think about it I'm not planning to make judgements about my old friends, and I don't actually care what they might think about me. I just want to enjoy being together with them again for this one night. I'll let you know if anything interesting happens, such as bursting into song.


~Amy said...

Looking forward to hearing how it went ! Have fun :)

Anonymous said...

I THINK that most people, by this point, are past the judging and really just enjoy seeing one another. Being with people who have this common past experience; it's really an amazing feeling. I hope you had a great time; we'll have to compare notes on the movie after you see it (again, I'm so sorry)!!

Amy M.

Cora said...

I really wanted to go to my 20th HS reunion this year, but I had to give birth to my son. I really hope I can attend the 25th. You've reminded me to write some books, paint some amazing paintings and push for a promotion, and birth more children in the meantime (oh, and to get in my pre-pregnancy clothes, I know I can fit in my HS clothes).