Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spartan Spectacular

We took a 1 day "vacation" on Saturday. My friend JJS had recommended the "Spartan Spectacular" concert that his son the MSU music major would be performing in, and I got tickets for my family plus my niece and nephew who were staying with us for the weekend. To make the most of the drive we planned to tour the Michigan Historical Museum in downtown Lansing as well as tour the MSU campus and sights prior to the concert.

The museum is a very good one. First of all, it's free! (My favorite price!) I like it when the kids are having enjoying themselves without realizing that they are being tricked into an educational experience.

The museum takes you through Michigan history from prehistoric days through modern times. I found this sign to be sort of profoundly haunting:

Look it's me!

The concert was amazing. The first half was a variety of music displaying the kind of talent that just blows me away with awe. The kids were mesmerized, and didn't know they were soaking up some culture here too. The second half was the Spectacular Spartan Marching Band! It had everything including the flag twirlers, baton, drumlines, and the full band playing of course our favorite fight song but also the highlights of every halftime show this season. Who would have ever thought that I could get right to the part I like about Fall Saturdays without having to watch all that football! It was perfect!

Education and Culture are well and good but in stressful times there's nothing like being so happily and thoroughly entertained. I hope you had some fun this weekend too.


Nancy USA said...


You should have stopped in and seen Julian! He graduates in 3 weeks! It's so hard to believe!

Now, if Penn would lose to MSU next week, oh yeah, AND UofM would beat Ohio, MSU could come out here for the RoseBowl!!!!

Of course that will happen right after "world peace".

Love your photo by the way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking Cale and Ramona on such a great day trip and freeing Mark and I up to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. They had an awesome time and I keep hearing more about the fun you had as time goes on. They appreciated the MSU campus tour too (which I believe was narrated by the steal trap memory Uncle Larry) and dinner at Clara's too. Thanks again!!!
Mary Beth

MomForThree said...

Just to be picky... You saw the marching band with the "Color Gaurd" the twirlers are the ones with the batons. :-)

Mindy said...

Color Guard! I couldn't remember what they were called when I wrote this! Thanks! Helpful, not picky.