Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The past two days here have been unusually pleasant. We have had sunshine and temps reaching into the 70's. We're talking about November in Michigan! Do we still call these days Indian Summer or is than not PC now? Yesterday was a GM day off, so I could enjoy the weather by spending every moment possible outside. The boys and I rode our bikes to vote, and I took the kayak out around the lake, and went on another bike ride later...because I could! And the weather trend continues through today.

It just feels so good out there, crisp and fresh. Even though the leaves on the trees are different, and we know that winter and all of it's challenges are coming soon, for today, it feels like SPRING. Sunny, optimistic, and hopeful. Very nice.


Heather Leigh said...

Very symbolic.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, optimistic and hopeful. Just like the Obamarama festivals going on this week.
Thanks for this blog. Beautiful photos!
I'm sending you a note on your e-mail, too. love, Aunt Chris