Friday, November 28, 2008

To match the fancy necktie

About a week ago, at conferences, Jeffrey's teacher told us that he needs to work on his spelling. She suggested that he practice by writing down everyday things, such as making lists.

So yesterday he wrote down some of the gift ideas for people in our family.

I am so getting Larry that third thing, he deserves it.


Anonymous said...

LOL - maybe it wouldn't be so funny if that type of spelling error landed him and his parents in the school principal's office to discuss it.
I think that good spelling is needed, though. And probably achieved best by reading a lot. Good luck- Aunt Chris

Heather Leigh said...

Oh Mindy, that cracks me up! My mom, however, would argue with Aunt Chris about needing to know how to spell well. She was an 11th-12th grade English teacher for over 20 years, and never spelled well herself. And with the day and age of spell checks, she believes spelling well is over-rated, and in no way an indication of true intelligence. Unfortunately, in this case, spell check would not have picked up the error,

Mindy said...

Anyone who might like to argue with Aunt Chris is most welcome to do so.

Spell check is great, but you're right that it would have missed this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I agree that bad spelling is not a sign of intelligence, but I think it is one of a polished education. Bad grammar often seems to go with bad spelling. Nothing will replace a personal note, hand written, for some occasions. And unless you want to sound cutesy (I luv yu), bad spelling will sometimes be a detriment, like sloppy writing...Bad spellers must hesitate to write out words with more than 2 syllables. Oh, well- Heather's mom does OK like all of the bad spellers that I know. Now we will have a president and first lady who says gonna instead of going to..... so maybe I was born in the wrong time era.
Aunt Chris