Friday, January 23, 2009


So the blog posts have been rather scarce here so far in 2009. Hey, it's January, and nothing is happening. Every day is pretty much as the one before it, and the one after it. Inside, the Christmas decorations are down, and it looks plain now without them. Outside, everything is covered in snow, white. It has been so cold out that the screen to our doorwall has frozen shut, but today I managed to wedge it open and pitched out a half-dozen mushy apples as far as I can throw them (not very far) for some action. At work, it is quiet. I wait, and fear that everything is about to change, or that it never will.

But there's always something happening on the internet! Often it is my escape, to surf around out there for something to capture my interest, here is where I like to go, maybe you would like them too:

I have always kept a list of the blogs of my friends here in the sidebar. It is fun to learn what is happening in the lives of the people I know who chose to share it. In addition to those, I like these:

I know Sarah from my college sorority days, and she has gone on to live a glamorous life in show biz and writes her blog from where she lives now in California. The theme is geared towards women after the age of 40, but I think anyone would enjoy following the many links she puts into each post. It's like having custom news delivery.

I just came across a new blog by another sorority sister that I did not know personally. What's interesting is that she has listed out the titles of her posts for the year before she has written them. I am curious to see how that turns out, plus she lists her occupation as comedienne, so she's funny:

I also like to read the blog of Scott Adams, who writes the comic strip Dilbert. I like the way he thinks:
This one is what it says it is:
Check out Margaret and Helen, two cranky 83 year old ladies with strong liberal opinions about politics and other things:
For self-improvement advice:
In case you get bored:
And my very latest obsession:
When I first went into facebook I explained to the few people I knew in there who I "friended" that I wasn't really going to use it, I just set a page up keep up with email addressess. Well, more and more "friends" have been added and now I can't hardly imagine a world where I couldn't monitor what all these people are "doing right now." This started out as a craze for the college-age set, but now the over-40's have discovered it and are going strong! At a party recently the subject of facebook came up, and someone said "Isn't that where all the bored housewives write that they are vacuuming the stairs?" And I said "Yes! And before long you will find that you want to know whether she finished, and went on to the hallway." I'm not doing a very good job of explaining this, but if you haven't yet, sign up for it, and be my friend!

If you have links to any places that you think I might like, please send them along for me to check out!
And if anything comes along to eat up those apples, you can read about it here.
Although our backyard displays a maze of animal footprints, it doesn't look like any of them came to get the apples. I think that they sank to the bottom of the deep snow and the "tunneling type" of creatures got to them first.


Heather Leigh said...

thanks for all of the fun links Mindy!!

Cinco Quintanas said...

I was thinking the same thing today. Everything is white and frigid.Although I wouldn't say I have ALOT going on, my hubby, kids and pets seem to do a good job of keeping me busy. But like you, the Internet does keep me entertained in the winter months. I haven't tried the Facebook thing because my 21 year has an account and I thought it might be awkward. LOL