Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paczki 2009

I was running late getting out of the house to go to work, and when I grabbed for my coffee and started to look for something to eat for my commuter's breakfast, I remembered what day it is.

I skipped the food so I'd be good and hungry for by 3000 calorie once a year treat. I was confident there would be Paczki in the coffee room because there were last year. As I walked into the building I ran into Amber, who is in charge of the coffee activities. I asked if there were treats today, and she said yes, but that if there weren't any more in the coffee room there were some extras set aside in her cubicle, "for the people in our group who start later." I thanked her for that information, and proceeded to my desk.

And there was a nice fatty lump wrapped in a paper towel, right in the place where I plug in my laptop computer. I leaned out into the cubicle aisleway to shout thanks to whatever co-worker had thought to put it there.

"It's raspberry, is that good?" Came the response. "We wanted to make sure that you got one, and had a whole discussion about what flavor to pick. There might be some left if you want to exchange it."

"Raspberry is what I would have picked! Custard is good too. Lemon, not so much. Thanks you guys!"

It made me smile that after a year and a half these people now know me so well. Whether they did it to be nice or just to avoid the potential commotion if I didn't get one doesn't matter. That plus the joy of a frosted gut-busting sugar bomb made for a good start to my Fat Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

I watched the morning news today on TV and of course they broadcast part of it from a bakery in Hamtramck. A lady was there buying the paczkis wearing a t-shirt with huge lettering "BODY BY PACZKI".
Sorry to say that the t-shirt would have fit me......Aunt Chris

Lori said...

We happened to go into our local bakery yesterday unaware of the fact that it was already pacski time. They had an entire wall length display unit filled with several different flavors. I figured our schedule wouldn't accommodate coming back to the bakery on Fat Tuesday, so me and my hubby had a Fat Monday instead. I had a cherry filled and my hubby had custard. They're good but I could only do it once a year.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Chris,
Was that lady in the "Body by Paczki" T-shirt Becky? She has one in red. Cracks me up every time.

Mary Beth

Rebecca Binno Savage said...

First of all, there are only 400 calories in a paczki. So don't get so freaked out! And yes, I have a "Body by Paczki" T Shirt from the Paczki festival two years ago.

I bought Hal the new one from this year's Paczki Festival: Hamtramck:
Home of the original Paczki. Everything else is just a jelly doughnut.