Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Instinct Messaging

Ever since Tim was on a winning Destination Imagination team for three years when he was in Elementary School, Jeffrey has wanted to do it. This year we finally got a team together, with me as their "manager" and Tim as my assistant.

The Challenge that they chose was called "Instinct Messaging" and required them to create and perform an original story about a creature that communicates by sending a message. They had to create a costume that delivers a message, and three dimensional set pieces that demonstrate scale. They chose guinea pigs, which acutally do communicate, but in subtle ways. This was a lot of work for the kids over the course of months. This video is of them performing their solution at the Regional Tournament. They came in ninth place, not bad at all.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Mindy... maybe the government could make you an offer on this video. They could use it to show terrorists still held at Guantanomo Bay Detention camp. They could run the video over and over and then eventually- no problem with what to do with them. And anyone who correctly interprets everything going on gets to leave. Just an idea.
At least I'm supportive enough to still bake for your family. love, Aunt Chris