Monday, April 27, 2009

Around the House

It's hard to believe it's been a whole week now since I last drove down to Warren. Especially when I think back on what I have accomplished in that time.

I have just sort of been drifting around the house, picking up things here and there. Such as the Easter baskets that needed to be put away. Bonus! I found some jelly beans still hiding under the plastic grass!

Larry noted that he is still the one getting up to make the lunches and get the boys off to school in the mornings. I explained that technically, I am on vacation, since I had some days left that hadn't been used. He has chosen not to argue that point for the moment.

Sometimes I check my emails, and sometimes I check what's going on in Port Charles. I found out that Michael could wake up from his coma at any time now, and that new guy hanging around the docks could be Luke Spencer's long lost son he never knew about.

My Aunt Kathy introduced me to an online game called Farm Town. I don't like to play games and it seems like a silly waste of time, but since it's Aunt Kathy, I set up my farm. Now I take care of it every day and have learned how to plow and harvest crops so I can earn more Farm Coins. I really need more Farm Coins so I can build a silo. Once I get a few more levels I can get a horse! Here is a picture of me on my farm:

I did make a little list of some things that I was going to do during the day, but I never got around to them. I think I'm going to need a plan. When I get around to that, I'll share it with you. But right now, I'm, um, well...doing stuff.


Anonymous said...

I have a strong desire to give you things to do besides play with a computer farm. The two things looming soon and large are Tim's birthday and Mother's Day. I haven't called Kruse and Muer yet so if you feel like trying to find something more unique for us to do, please do!
Mary Beth

Heather Leigh said...

Since Mary Beth is gently suggesting things for your to-do list, I'll add one, too. And I've said this before...start writing that book! :D

Heather Leigh said...

And, I'm thinking now would be a perfect time to transition the responsibility of making Tim & Jeff's lunch to......oh, I don't know, Tim & Jeff, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

As someone content to be retired, I say never try to justify your life. And don't answer those who want to know what you did all day. But let Larry ask. Poor guy- making lunches. Hope that he doesn't see you sleeping in while he has to get up to get ready for work. Then you would be glad that the gun in that home movie was fake. Aunt Chris

MomForThree said...

I think Heather has some good points!
a Mom who makes lunch for a 9, 11, and 12 year old. (Yeah, ,I'm guilty too.)

kid_curry said...

I'm thinking soon you can actually farm (garden) and give up the virtual farm. I saw you beating out rugs . . . that looked very productive.

Anonymous said...

Out beating rugs??? I haven't thought about that activity since my childhood, when my Grandpa put Mom's area rug on a clothesline in the yard and beat the dust out of it with a fancy wire rug beater that was hung in our basement. Bet that antique was left behind long ago, not to be used by you. Or being sold on e-Bay to make you rich.
Were you just shaking out rugs over the deck or something?
Aunt Chris

Mindy said...

Beating rugs is fun! I would love to have a clothesline and rug beater tool but instead I take them out and smack them against the driveway where Kendrea can watch the action from her kitchen window.

Heather and Rachel you have a point about making those lunches, at least Tim should be able to do that at his age but he has never been one to take on responsibilities. Jeffrey, on the other hand, would probably relish the task but would swing between trying to whip up some flaming Lobster Rockefeller and selecting just the blue diamonds from the Lucky Charms box.

Heather Leigh said...

Mindy - I am totally rolling on the floor laughing about the lobster & blue diamonds comment!!

Aunt Kathy said...

There's room to be creative in the Farm Town game, and everyone's farm is unique. Creativity is right up your alley! Keep it in perspective, though, and make your family your #1 priority! I enjoyed seeing my name in your blog!