Friday, April 17, 2009

The Best Book Club Yet

This month it was my turn to host our Book Club. The selection was The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. A few weeks ago I was in Target and I noticed the book there and put it in my cart. As I was checking out the woman behind me in line commented on my purchase. She said that she had read that book and that the author had called in to her book club. Hmm.

I finished reading it on the Tuesday before book club, and then noticed at the back where it said how to contact the author. I went online and filled out a form with my phone number and the time of our meeting, but didn't think anything would happen on such short notice.

We were already having one of the best book club meetings yet. Julie brought excellent snacks and Jennifer contributed some cake. We had the usual hilarious conversations and a moment where Heather had Weepy Willy do his thing on the picture of our local newspaper editors picture. We drank wine and I showed my movie. We also talked about the book, since for once everyone had read it. We all agreed that it was a nice, light read. Chick lit. But since we have been doing book club for over six years now, we've been through a lot of these types of books, and agreed that this wasn't one of the better ones. We thought it showed that she was a first-time author and that the characters weren't all that well developed.

And then the phone rang. It was her!

Even though we were already well into the wine and had just been sort of trashing the book, the conversation went well and the call lasted about a half hour. She was very nice and answered all of our questions, although some of it sounded rehearsed, and she kept pitching her next books.

I think that we all agreed that this was the Best Book Club yet, and that Kate Jacobs is super cool for calling us. Maybe she'll invite us to the premier of her movie.

Maybe I should write a book.

Amy took a video of part of the conversation, if you'd like to listen in:


Heather Leigh said...

Book Club HISTORY!! SO much fun!!

LYNN said...

I liked that book...good choice!

*just me* said...
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