Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well all this sluffing around the house just has to stop. I need Goals and Objectives, like at work when we had "PMPs." PMP stood for something like Performance Management Process but we would refer to it as in: "I got my PMP today." The managers were supposed to write these up for their employees but I usually used to put together my own and it would get filed unless there was a need to write up a new one to match whatever the boss might have thought an upper level director wanted it to say. There was a trend for a while to state regular objectives and then "stretch targets" for the things you thought you might be able to get done but wouldn't completely committ to. So here is my 2009 new PMP:

Mindy's new 2009 Goals and Objectives:

  • Keep house tidy and clean. Such as pick up, make beds, sweep the floor, empty the dishwasher. Enabler: That new lightweight vacuum with the onboard attachments. Stretch Target: Completely organize every closet, drawer, cupboard and shelf in the house.
  • Adopt healthier habits. All that sitting and eating donuts has added up, and it ain't pretty. I plan to watch what I eat and exercise every day. Enabler: Put new battery in digital scale. Stretch Target: Lose 30 lbs and participate in a bike tour with significant (40+) miles by fall.
  • Spend time with kids. Attend all baseball games, track meets, field trips, and school events in the upcoming months. Make arrangements for our summer travel and camping. Do things and go places together that are fun. Stretch Target: Delay the onset of the boys thinking it is uncool to hang out with their mom.
  • Learn to cook. Yeah, I know I tried this before. I'm going to try again. I'll start with packing those lunches and work up to making actual meals and doing the shopping. Enabler: Maybe I'll get out Jeffrey's DS cooking game. Stretch Target: Use the oven without burning stuff up.
  • Contribute. Since there will be less cash to hand out, I will serve my community in other ways, such as working in the Giving Garden, coordinating a neighborhood event, assisting with the schools, sports teams, and in the township. Stretch Target: Maybe make that bike tour a fund-raising one.
  • Connect. Maintain and strengthen the bonds I have with my friends and extended family by hosting some get-togethers out here at the lake while the weather is pleasant. Enabler: Some cooperation from Mother Nature would be nice. Stretch Target: With that clean house and cooking skill I should be able to entertain someone here for lunch, or even dinner at least once a week. Yes, I mean YOU. Looking forward to it.
  • Create. Keep going with this blog and my scrapbooking hobby. Enablers: Well my scrapping table will be organized according to #1, and I can do the ScraP SisTaZ challenges and attend workshops at Lynns. Stretch Target: Write novel. I do have an idea ready. I'm going to do it.
  • Get a job. Because the severance money and savings won't hold out forever. Enabler: Take advantage of the services of Right Management Consultants that are included with the severance package. Stretch Target: Something local, high-paying, that I find challenging and engaging, where I will be surrounded by amazing people and a pleasant environment, with flexible hours and generous benefits. (Ok, that one might be excessively stretchy even without being in the midst of a recession, but I gotta know what I'm shooting for!)
Of course there are many other things that are not listed here, but these are the new ones. Wish me luck!


Heather Leigh said...

Awesome! But I think you should list Write Novel as a goal rather than a stretch target. Seriously.

Heather Leigh said...

btw-I'm a PMP (project management professional), but I like to call myself a pimp.

Rebecca Binno Savage said...

You shouldn't set unachievable goals like that organizational one. That is insane. Nobody lives like that. Not even your neighbors in Oxford like Kendra. :)

You might want to rethink that one.

Mindy said...

Becky, you would be amazed at what Kendrea can do. She even rearranges her furniture on a schedule. And Amy lists "organizing" as one of her hobbies!

In my case that probably was a big stretch of a goal. Maybe I'll bring it down to: "Able to open closet doors without stuff falling on my head."

LYNN said...

I'm in for lunch...:) Been there, done that for organization,time to do it again, funny how it gets unorganized over the year. Exercise, still go to LTF,let me know if you want to be my guest or Kathy's, we cycle every Tu & Th and have been told that we travel around 15-20 miles in that hour. Scrapbooking, right up my alley, stop on by on Weds, free is just what you need :)
As I'm in a lull right now, we can be active together...or does this mean I'll get a job now that you are off?