Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fish wall window

Jeffrey started complaining early this morning. His room is too cold, because of the double window. But it's too small of a room, why did the builder make it so small? If it was bigger, there would be space for a large fish tank.

And then he had this brilliant idea.

"Mom could you cut a hole in the wall in between my and Tim's bedrooms and put a fish tank in it?"

"That sounds pretty complicated, honey." Visions of chainsaws and reinforcing walls and running electricity and leaks ran quickly through my head.

But Tim said that would be a cool thing to have too.

"We could stand on either side and wave at each other through the water as fish swim by."

And then Jeffrey totally cracked me up as he stated in all seriousness:

"Now there's something I would NEVER get tired of doing!"

It's fun to dream. At least he wasn't complaining anymore.


Rebecca Binno Savage said...

Creative thinking...

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time for that screensaver scene of an aquarium...
Aunt Chris